Children’s clothing: What do I do with the old clothes?

Children grow quickly. The clothing purchased once expensive, is much too small, and just as quickly, after one year, the question arises: What do I do with the old clothes? Here we give you tips how to bring a second life to children clothes, as in the same time to make money.
Sort clothes in the closet and make 4 piles:

  • Pile 1 – with the clothes that are still needed.
  • Pile 2 – with the clothes that are still in good condition and would you give to a charitable cause
  • Pile 3 – with clothes that are in good condition and you want sell them (especially popular are designer dresses)
  • Pile 4 – with dresses, torn, damaged or soiled that belong to the container for used clothing.

Second-hand store – whether it is worth?

Second-hand stores usually work on a commission basis. This means that the store keeps a percentage of the sale price as commission for themselves. Rate based on strict criteria whether it is worthwhile to leave the clothes the second-hand store.

Go to the second-hand store

Visit one or several shops before you take away all the same clothes. Use the experience of the staff and check what is easy to sell.

Whathappensif the second-hand store clothes not sold?

Do you expect that the second-hand store cannot sell all the clothes? After a certain time, the shopkeeper will ask you therefore to collect the material again. Consider beforehand what you want to do with it.

The right time for seasonal goods

The clothing is seasonal goods. If your child no longer needs the winter clothes, winter clothes the other kids do not need. Wait until the fall before you then sell these clothes.

Sell on the Internet

Whether you are selling your clothes on ebay or a classifieds site, in the description you should always include these points:

  • How old is the clothing?
  • How long have you worn?
  • How is the condition?
  • The size / age of the child
  • Brand
  • Price